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At Dazzle Water Care we offer curated, high quality, more natural water care for your swimming pool, swim spa, salt water pool or hot tub. Our water care systems, pool care products and hot tub care products are second to none. With our curated collection of top of the line water care systems and products, your luxurious backyard haven is in good hands, so your family can fully enjoy their little taste of paradise. 

Dazzle Water Care Brands

Our passion lies in pairing the best of science with the best of nature. Our innovative Dazzle Water Care brand offers a complete line of pool and hot tub care products that are healthier and more natural. Our Pristiva brand leads the way in salt water pool care as a system designed specifically for the unique needs of a salt water environment. Last, but certainly not least, our Mineraluxe brand provides industry-best systems for easy, effective and luxurious water care for pools, swim spas and hot tubs. 

PureWow PureWow offers fast and effective pool care, with more eco-friendly options. With products that use natural enzymes, non-chlorine and stabilizer-free alternatives, PureWow is great for gentler, healthier pool care options. If it says PureWow, you can trust it!

Dazzle Pool Care. Our Dazzle Pool Care brand offers a complete collection of pool care products and solutions to keep your water in pristine condition all season long. Whatever you need, Dazzle has it!

Dazzle Hot Tub Care. Dazzle Hot Tub Care is all about offering effective and healthier products for you. Creating the perfect hot water environment for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own backyard is our goal.

Mineraluxe Swim Spa System. Our Mineraluxe Swim Spa System allows you, your family and friends to enjoy a safe, clean and luxurious environment in which to swim, exercise and relax. With Mineraluxe, the focus is on comfort, ease and enjoyment, not maintenance.