Salt Pool Closing Checklist

POSTED Dec 8, 2020
Part A: Preparing the Water for Maximum Protection of Your Pool Against Winter Damage
48 Hours Prior to Closing Your Pool:
  • Bring a 1 litre water sample to your Dazzle™/Pristiva Professional Retailer.
  • Follow the prescription for balancing your water for the harsh winter conditions. Water becomes more corrosive and damaging when cold. Compensate by increasing the pH to 7.6 – 7.8 just prior to closing.
  • Clean your filter media with Dazzle™ Rapid Action Filter Cleanse, following label directions. Debris left in the filter solidifies and hardens when left on the filter media over the winter, compromising filtration when you are ready to resume normal filtration in spring.
  • Following filter cleaning, deep cleanse your water with Dazzle™ Prep Cleanse. Shake well and add the product through the skimmer. 1 bottle treats up to 80,000 litres. Digesting organic waste and reducing phosphate levels means your water is cleaner and less susceptible to algae growth over the winter months. This makes your time to ready your pool at spring opening a breeze.

At Closing:

These next steps can be performed after lowering the water level for winter or before.

Our preference is for these products to be added after the water has been lowered. By adding after the lowering of the water, we ensure the discharge water will have the least impact on the environment as possible. We also maximize the protective ability of the products being added by reducing waste.

When applying these products after the lowering of the water, apply very slowly and sparingly around the edges of the deep end of the pool and be sure to brush the pool thoroughly to ensure proper mixing. Do this following each product application

Consult with your Dazzle/Pristiva Professional for the best products to use for your specific pool and the type of cover you are using. Consider purchasing a Pristiva or Dazzle Closing Kit that is specific to the type of pool you have and the cover you use.

The preferred method for treating the water at closing with your salt pool is as follows;

  1. Prevent stains, scale formation, cloudy water and algae with Pristiva Primer. If the water has already been lowered, apply by mixing approx. 250 grams in a pail of pool water and slowly pouring around the edges of the pool. Continue until the required amount has been mixed and applied. 1 bottle treats up to 80,000 litres. If the pump and filter are still in operation, Primer can be added by pouring slowly into the skimmer. Maintain filtration for a minimum of 1 hour after application.
  2. Remove organic wastes and provide a chlorine residual for protection over the winter months with Pristiva Premium Shock. If the water has already been lowered, apply slowly and sparingly around the edges of the pool, immediately after the Pristiva Primer application. Brush the pool immediately after the application of Pristiva Primer and Premium Shock. Consider premixing Premium Shock in a pail of pool water and pouring around the edges when there is no deep end or the water is very cold. If the pump and filter are still in operation, Premium Shock can be added by pouring slowly into the skimmer, immediately following the Primer addition. Again, maintain filtration for a minimum of 1 hour after these applications.
  • Always brush immediately after application of these products to ensure proper mixing.
  • Note: If a safety cover or mesh cover is to be used, consider adding Dazzle™ Phos Cleanse Plus for added protection against algae growth. Shake well and apply by pouring around the edges of the pool. Brush the walls to mix. Add just prior to the pool cover being secured in place. Use 1 bottle for pools up to 80,000 litres.
Part B: Preparing the Equipment and the Pool
  1. Remove any leaves and heavy debris using a deep bag leaf rake. Be careful if choosing to vacuum the leaves using your pool vacuum to avoid plugging the suction line. It is recommended to use a proper leaf rake with a deep bag for the heavy accumulations on the bottom of the pool. 
  2. Vacuum the pool to remove any finer debris and backwash thoroughly when finished.
  3. Brush the pool walls thoroughly.
  4. Lower the water level using the pools vacuuming system, if available. Set the dial valve to the drain/waste position. If this isn’t possible, use a submersible pump or other suitable method.
  • For in-ground pools:  Lower the water to 1” below the lowest return jet – allowing all water to drain out of the return lines.
  • For above-ground pool: Lower to 18” below the mouth of the skimmer.
NOTE: When the water level falls below the mouth of the skimmer while using the pool vacuuming system, use a garden hose in the skimmer to maintain a water level in the skimmer. This will prevent air from drawing in around the hose and losing prime in your pump. 

NOTE: Many areas within Canada have by-laws related to waste water discharge. If you live in an area that is covered by a waste water discharge by-law, consult your Dazzle/Pristiva retailer on your options for compliance and techniques for closing your pool. In many jurisdictions, water from a salt pool is not allowed to be discharged to the storm sewer. 

  1. Once the water has been lowered to the desired level, shut off pool pump, submersible, etc..
  2. Clean the skimmer basket and the pump’s hair and lint basket and store.
  3. Remove all drain plugs from the pool pump, filter, heater and any other equipment that may be in place. Allow all the water to drain. Once all the water has drained, apply a silicone lubricant to any drain plugs/o-rings and re-install.

Note: If a sand filter, it is best to not re-install the drain plug as water can drain slowly through the sand. Only re-install after you are sure all water has drained or wait until spring.

Additional Notes: 

  • Filter: Remove and store pressure gauge(s) and site glass and place filter dial valve in the winterize position. 
  • Heater: Check with your Dazzle™ Retailer for specific instructions on how to winterize your heater.
  • Pump(s): Pour Dazzle™ Premium Antifreeze into the pump. Add enough to completely cover the impeller to keep it lubricated and prevent drying. Lubricate the lid ‘o’-ring with Jack’s Magic Lube, a silicone lubricant, and re-install lid but do not tighten.
  • Disconnect the salt chlorinator cell from the control panel and at the unions. It is recommended to clean the cell with Pristiva Salt Cell Cleaner, following the instructions carefully. Then store the salt cell with your other parts and pieces, indoors if possible. Cover the exposed piping where the cell was removed to prevent rodents and insects from entering. 
NOTE: Consider using a special box or bag for the storage of your pools parts and pieces. Avoid using a garbage bag or other method that could go missing or be thrown out. For parts like a filter pressure gauge or a salt chlorinator cell, they are best stored indoors over winter where freezing isn’t an issue.  
  1. Remove and store return fittings (eyeball, lock rings), and any ladder(s), diving board, underwater lights, auto cleaners, etc.
  2. Ensure water has drained from pool return piping and plug. If unsure whether the water has drained naturally, use a shop-vac to blow out the return lines. Consult with your Dazzle/Pristiva Professional on how best to do that with your specific plumbing configuration.
  3. Clean the scum line around the pool and skimmer with Dazzle™ Pool & Hot Tub Surface Cleanse. Patio furniture, diving boards, ladders, etc. can also be cleaned with this product. Always test in an inconspicuous area if unsure of product compatibility.
  4. Remove and store any ladder(s), handrails, diving board, underwater lights, auto cleaners, etc.
  5. Suction Line and Skimmer: 
  • If your pool has a functioning main drain line, feed approximately three feet of foam rope down the main drain line (located in the skimmer). Plug it off with a rubber expandable plug or a threaded plug wrapped in Teflon tape. Do not attempt to drain this line of water. 
  • Use a shop vac to vacuum all the water out of the suction line and skimmer. Once the suction line is completely free of water, pour approximately two litres of Dazzle™ Premium Antifreeze down your suction line, followed by the feeding of approximately two feet of foam rope. Use a “Gizzmo” or other type of plug to secure this line. A “Gizzmo” is specifically designed to absorb any expansion inside the skimmer. If a Gizzmo isn’t used, consult your Dazzle/Pristiva Professional on other means of providing expansion protection inside the skimmer. 
  • Add additional Dazzle™ Premium Antifreeze into the skimmer for extra protection.
  1. Clean, protect and preserve any solar blanket with Dazzle™ Cover Cleanse.
  2. Secure winter cover: For solid winter covers, add 2 inches of water to the top of the cover to hold it in place from high winds.
  • Place water bags around cover: Place water bags through loops. Fill to approximately 50%, do not overfill.
  • Water bags should ideally be touching end to end.
NOTE: Each pool is unique, for more comprehensive winterizing instructions, consult your Dazzle/Pristiva Retailer.
NOTE: If you are using a safety, mesh or no cover, re-treat with algicide at the first thaw in the spring to further reduce the risk of algae at opening. 
  • Pristiva Pool Closing Kit or Dazzle Pool Closing Kit
  • DazzlePrep Cleanse
  • DazzlePhos Cleanse Plus
  • DazzleRapid Action Filter Cleanse
  • DazzlePool & Hot Tub Surface Cleanse
  • DazzlePremium Antifreeze
  • DazzleCover Cleanse
  • Pristiva Salt Cell Cleaner
  • Foam Rope
  • “Gizzmo” or other type of skimmer freeze protection
  • Teflon tape
  • Rubber expandable plugs
  • Water bags
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • Leaf rake/net
  • Pool brush
  • Pool-grade sponge or brush
  • Replacement parts (cracked baskets etc.)