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Hot Tub FAQ’s

How should I maintain my filter cartridge for best results? Your filter cartridge is a very important component in your hot tubs operation. It is responsible for filtering particulate and some organic waste from your water. Without effective filtration,...

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Pool FAQ’s

When should I close my pool? When it comes to your swimming pool and winterizing, we like to think in terms of “Close Late / Open Early!” We recognize that not everyone has the option of keeping their pools open later into the fall or even into early...

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What is Total Alkalinity? – Pool Care

Total Alkalinity (TA) is a very important component of overall water balance. Its primary role is to help keep pH in proper balance. The best definition of TA is; “the measure of water’s ability to resist a change in pH.” In other words, once you balance...

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Pool Closing Checklist

Part A: Preparing the Water for Maximum Protection of Your Pool Against Winter Damage 48 Hours Prior to Closing Your Pool: Bring a 1 litre water sample to your Dazzle™ Professional Retailer. Follow the prescription for balancing your water for the...

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