Dazzle Ultra Shock


A formulated, fast dissolving, chlorine-based shock treatment. Ideal for use at pool opening or closing time, as a problem-solver (part of an algae destruction treatment, clearing cloudy water due to insufficient chlorine levels) or any time a strong chlorine treatment is required.. This pH neutral, multi-functional product performs the following functions in water; shocks, clarifies and generally enhances water.

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Additional Details

Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools

Size: 475 GM
Product Code: DAZ02500

Size: 950 GM
Product Code: DAZ02501

Quick Steps


  • A shock treatment designed specifically for swimming pool water.
  • Use for pool opening and closing, periodic shock treatments and as a problem solver.
  • Formulated to raise the chlorine level, clarify and enhance water.
  • Dissolves fully and completely, no residues or clouding of pool water.


  • Immediately after opening the pool and just prior to fall closing.
  • 1 hour prior to the addition of an algicide as part of an algae destruction treatment
  • Can be used when needed as a shock treatment during the primary swimming weeks of the summer.
  • Immediately after inclement weather/any time water appears dull and hazy.
  • Any time superchlorination (super bacteria kill) is required (fouling, vomit, etc).

How Much

  • Add 125 g per 10,000 L of water.
  • Do not use the pool after use until the chlorine residual drops to 3 ppm or less.


  • Remove solar blanket or cover and leave off for minimum of 8 hours.
  • Operate pump and filter for minimum of 8 hours after application. 
  • The best time to apply is in the evening.
  • Apply with pump operating by sprinkling slowly into a clean, empty skimmer (free of any other chemicals or products). 
  • Alternatively, the product can be broadcast over the surface of the pool (preferably in the deep end). If water temperature is less than 20°C, brush immediately after application to ensure quick dissolving of active ingredient.
  • Periodically check filter pressure and backwash/clean as required. 
  • For fall closing, with the pump off and water lowered, pre-mix in a pail of water and pour around the edges of the deep end, if applicable. Brush the pool after addition.
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