Dazzle Stain & Scale Cleanse


Stain & Scale Cleanse is a phosphate-free, sequestering agent, designed to ionically attach to dissolved metal and calcium ions, preventing them from forming stains and scale. Metal stains are unsightly and scale deposits can damage pool heaters and make surfaces rough. This high quality product is now even more stable in higher chlorine environments and works more effectively than competitive products at varying pH levels! Stain & Scale Cleanse is ideal for use at pool opening time when larger quantities of fresh water are added and larger quantities of water balancing products are being added.

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Additional Details

Prevent Stains and Scale Deposits
Size: 1 L
Product Code: DAZ05042

Quick Steps


  • Ongoing protection against the risk of staining and scale formation 
    • An Insurance Policy for the pool
  • The risk of staining and scale formation is due to; 
    • Periods of water imbalance – pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids are not always in balance. They move and can cause issues if not corrected.
    • The effects of periodic product additions that create localized areas of instability
    • Top-up water – imbalanced and often with dissolved metals 
    • Natural erosion of metals from metallic parts and equipment
  • Stain & Scale Cleanse can remove light metal stains and scale, if applied early enough
  • All-natural formulation – non-toxic, biodegradable
  • Phosphate-free formula
  • Will not breakdown prematurely;
    • Stable in presence of sanitizers, oxidizers
    • Allows other products to be added at same time in convenient program


  • Use specifically at Pool Opening and Pool Closing for added protection
  • Use any time the following conditions arise;
    • The pH rises above 7.8
      • It is essential if the pH rises above 8.2 – scale is certain to form
    • Metals are identified in a water test
    • Your water has a calcium hardness in excess of 400 ppm
    • Your Saturation Index regularly operates at >+.3 on the index
  • Anytime scale or stains are noticed in the pool
  • Use Stain & Scale liberally;
    • It will not consume sanitizers
    • It will not break down prematurely from sanitizers
    • All natural – leaves no chemical footprint 

How Much:

  • For Pool Opening & Closing
    • Apply 125 mls per 10,000 litres
    • 1 bottle treats approx. 80,000 litres 
  • When treating metals in pool water;
    • Apply 125 mls per 10,000 litres per 1 ppm of total metals in the water
    • Use with Dazzle Filter Enhance in the filter to remove the metals from the water
  • When treating an existing scale deposit or metal stains;
    • Use 250 mls per 10,000 litres 
    • Brush the affected areas regularly
    • Repeat application monthly or until desired results are achieved
  • For regular maintenance to prevent stains and scale formations;
    • Use 25 mls per 10,000 litres as part of weekly program


  • Apply by pouring required amount around edges of the pool
  • If treating a specific scale formation or metal stain
    • Shut the pump off and allow the water to go still
    • Pour the product directly into the area where the stain or scale is heaviest
    • Allow to sit for 15 minutes – then brush and turn the pump back on
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