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Dazzle Stain & Scale 1 is an ‘eco-friendly’ approach to metal and scale control in hot tub water. Dazzle Stain & Scale 1 is added while a tub is being initially filled with cold water. It provides immediate protection against metal staining from the fill water and scale formation once the heater turns on for an extended period of time. It can also remove scale deposits that may have formed during the last cycle. It contains no phosphates and is stable in the presence of chlorine or bromine. Add the full bottle with each fresh fill for maximum protection.

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Additional Details

Use When Filling Tub to Prevent Stains and Scale Deposits
Size: 750 ML
Product Code: DAZ08020

Quick Steps


  • Prevents stains and scale at fresh fill.
  • Tap water is often unbalanced. Can contains metal and rust deposits.
  • Risk is during the initial heating, balancing, shocking and sanitizing of the water.
  • Also, while filling, scale can be removed: 
    • Cold water is key to removal
    • Broad range of scale removal
  • All natural formulation – Inspired by Nature.
  • Phosphate-free.
  • Stable in presence of sanitizers, oxidizers:
    • Consistent performance
    • Doesn’t waste other products 


  • Use every time the tub is freshly filled.
  • In tubs that have experienced scaling or staining, allow the product time to work in cold water by leaving the heater off or not starting the pump immediately after filling.

The Dazzle 2 Step Stain & Scale prevention program:

  • Stain & Scale 1 on fresh fill (heavy lifter).
  • Stain & Scale 2 weekly thereafter for continuous protection (the toner).

The best stain & scale method available

How Much:

  • Apply 375 ml per 1,000 litres.
  • 1 Capful = 25 ml.


  • Apply directly to cold water as the tub fills.
  • As soon as there is water in the footwell, the product can be added.
  • It is preferable that the pump and filter not be running to allow the product maximum time to work in cold water.
  • If the tub is already full, apply as soon as possible after filling.
About the Brand

Your hot tub should be a healthy place to relax and enjoy good company. Whether you are looking for products to maintain your hot tub or to solve a water care problem, the Dazzle Hot Tub Care line has what you need.

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