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Stabilizer plays an important role in reducing the loss of chlorine to sunlight. An ideal level of 30 – 40ppm should be achieved. Stabilizer raises this level when low. This is the traditional, very slow dissolving, granular product. It can be applied slowly through the skimmer where it traps in the filter and slowly dissolves into the water. Ideal for use in any outdoor pool utilizing chlorine as the sanitizer. This includes salt water pools.

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Additional Details

Raises Stabilizer Level

Size: 800 GM
Product Code: DAZ04040

Size: 2 KG
Product Code: DAZ04042

Quick Steps


  • Dazzle Stabilizer prevents chlorine loss to the ultraviolet rays of the sun
  • Without stabilizer, it would be very difficult to maintain a chlorine residual on a bright sunny day without increasing the amount used significantly (more than 6 times as much)
  • Stabilizer is also proven to slow the rate of degradation of vinyl liners, allowing them an increased life span in pools 
  • The ideal level for stabilizer in a chlorinated, outdoor swimming pool is 30 – 40 ppm
  • Once a stabilizer level reaches approx. 30 ppm, no more benefit can be achieved by adding more stabilizer
  • There is plenty of confusion surrounding elevated stabilizer levels
    • Once levels reach 100 ppm, it is recommended that the water be diluted with fresh water to lower to <100 ppm
    • There is no effective way to lower stabilizer levels other than to drain water and refill with water that has no stabilizer present (dilution)  


  • Dazzle Stabilizer should be used any time the stabilizer level is less than 20 ppm
  • When stabilized chlorines are used regularly, the stabilizer level is unlikely to ever require topping up
  • When unstabilized chlorines are used, or the pool is a salt pool, periodic top-ups are likely to be required based on the amount of water lost to backwashing, draining and splash-out

How Much:

  • 100 grams per 10,000 litres raises stabilizer levels 10 ppm
  • In a freshly-filled swimming pool, 300 grams per 10,000 litres will achieve the ideal starting level of 30 ppm 


  • The best application method for Dazzle Stabilizer is as follows;
    • Backwash or clean the filter
    • Mix the required amount of Dazzle Stabilizer into a slurry in a pail of pool water
      • Do not wait for the product to dissolve – it won’t
    • Slowly pour the slurry into a clean skimmer
    • Run the pump continuously for the next 48 hours while the product dissolves from within the filter
    • Do not backwash or clean the filter for next 48 hours
  • Alternatively, the required amount of product can be poured into a skimmer sock, nylon or other flow-through bag and placed in the skimmer basket
    • Do not discard until all the product has dissolved
    • This could take 36 – 72 hours
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