Pristiva Salt Pool Opening Kit


A pool opening kit designed specifically for Salt Water Pools. Also for those who trust their salt pools to the Pristiva System. Contains 2 x 950 g bottles of Pristiva Premium Shock and 1 x 1 kg bottle of Pristiva Primer. For pools up to 100,000 litres. Instructions included.

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Additional Details

What You Need to Open a Salt Pool
Product Code: PRC35100

Quick Steps


  • A pool opening kit developed specifically for salt water pools.
  • Pristiva Primer protects your salt pool from staining, scaling and corrosion. 
  • Pristiva Premium Shock removes winter wastes, trace chloramines, nutrients and organics that could lead to algae formation and/or hazy/cloudy water and will boost chlorine level to establish initial sanitizer reading. 


  • At pool opening

How Much

  • Add one bottle of Pristiva Primer and one bottle of Pristiva Premium Shock. (Note: If water is green and cloudy, use two bottles of Primer).


  • Ensure that your pool is full of water. Make sure the pump and filter are operating.
  • Brush and vacuum your pool to ensure it is free of physical debris and wall-clinging dirt and algae.
  • Clean your filter with Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleanse, if you did not do this prior to closing your pool. Always follow label instructions.
  • Add Pristiva Primer into a clean skimmer with the pump and filter running. Do not backwash for 6 hours following application. If the pump and filter are not in operation, pre-mix 250 grams in 20 litres of water and pour slowly around the edges of the pool. Repeat until the bottle is empty. Brush afterwards to ensure distribution throughout the pool. Go to next step after 15 minutes. 
  • With the pump and filter running, add Pristiva Premium Shock slowly into a clean skimmer or, as an alternative application method, the product can be broadcast directly into the pool water in the deep end (brush immediately after application to ensure quick dissolving of active ingredient).
About the Brand

Pristiva sets a new standard of excellence in salt water care. Developed after extensive research and rigorous field testing, Pristiva was designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of salt water pools. The result is easy to use products that create unmatched salt water protection, incredible comfort and picture-perfect results.

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