Pristiva Salt Pool Maintenance Kit


3 Months of Pristiva System products in a convenient bundle kit. This kit contains 3 x 1 kg bottles of Pristiva Primer and 3 x 950 g bottles of Pristiva Premium Shock. 1 of each of these products is used each month through the summer for maximum protection of your salt pool.

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Additional Details

What You Need for 3 Months on the Pristiva System
Product Code: PRC35106

Quick Steps


  • Finally! A maintenance program developed specifically for the unique conditions that exist in a salt pool.
  • Developed through extensive research and rigorous testing.
  • Addresses the specific requirements of the entire salt pool.
  • The Pristiva® 3-Step System:
    • Step #1: Premium Salt
    • Step #2: Primer
    • Step #3: Premium Shock
  • Protection for the whole pool:
    • Longer cell life
    • Longer equipment life
  • Provides crystal clear, soothing, algae-free water.


  • Monthly for on-going salt pool maintenance.

How Much

  • One bottle of Pristiva Primer and one bottle of Pristiva Premium Shock per month.


  • With pump running, slowly pour Pristiva Primer directly in a clean skimmer. Then shock immediately with Pristiva Premium Shock.
  • Keep water circulating for minimum 6 hours. 
  • There may be a temporary increase in filter pressure until the product dissolves, do not backwash for at least 6 hours.
About the Brand

Pristiva sets a new standard of excellence in salt water care. Developed after extensive research and rigorous field testing, Pristiva was designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of salt water pools. The result is easy to use products that create unmatched salt water protection, incredible comfort and picture-perfect results.

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