Pristiva Salt Cell Cleaner


For quick, effective cleaning without damaging the sensitive surfaces of the cell. Cleans cells of hardened scale deposits, organic films and metallic plating. Salt Cell Cleaner offers the identical scale dissolving properties of muriatic acid without the damaging effects to the cell and the hazardous risk to the user. No toxic fuming and no corrosion of sensitive cell materials. Use with confidence any time the cell requires cleaning. Always use prior to storing for the winter. The used solution is safe to dispose of back into the swimming pool or down the drain. Non-damaging, Safe, Environmentally-Friendly.

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Additional Details

Cleans salt cells quickly and efficiently without damage.
Size: 1 L
Product Code: PRC35160

Quick Steps


  • Cleans salt cell. 
  • A clean salt cell operates more efficiently and extends the life of the cell.
  • Offers identical descaling properties of muriatic acid without harmful side-effects.


  • Use as often as necessary.
  • Always clean prior to winter storage.

How Much:

  • Use at full strength.
  • 1L size should allow the majority of cell to be filled completely with water. 
  • Water can be added to top-up the cell if not filled completely from full bottle of Salt Cell Cleaner. Allow a little bit longer of a cleaning time if dilution is needed.
  • Used solution can be safely poured down the drain.


  • Shut pool pump off. Close any necessary valves and release system pressure. 
  • Turn off the ECG (electrolytic chlorine generator). Unplug leads from the cell terminals.
  • Remove the cell (undo barrel unions).
  • Rinse the cell with a garden hose to remove any loose debris. Do not use a pressure washer. 
  • Depending on the type of cell:
  1. Cap or close one end (flow through)
  2. Lay flat with inlet ports on top
  3. Remove plates (soak in plastic container)
  • Fill the cell or container with enough Pristiva Salt Cell Cleaner to cover plates.
  • Use Pristiva® Salt Cell Cleaner at full strength, do not dilute. 
  • For heavy cleaning, allow to soak overnight. For light cleaning, allow to sit for one hour or until cell looks clean through visual inspection.
  • Rinse well after cleaning.
  • Reinstall the cell.
About the Brand

Pristiva sets a new standard of excellence in salt water care. Developed after extensive research and rigorous field testing, Pristiva was designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of salt water pools. The result is easy to use products that create unmatched salt water protection, incredible comfort and picture-perfect results.

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