Rapid Action Stabilizer


The fast, effective way to raise stabilizer levels in salt pools. Starts dissolving immediately for fast, effective results. Stabilizer levels in salt pools should be maintained at 30 – 50 ppm.

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Additional Details

Fast Dissolving Stabilizer Designed Specifically for Salt Pools
Size: 2 KG
Product Code: PRC35145

Quick Steps


  • Works instantly to raise stabilizer levels in salt water pools. 
  • Without stabilizer, a much higher output level of chlorine would be required from your chlorinator to ensure a 1-3 ppm level to protect the bathers. 
  • Maintaining an adequate stabilizer level in a salt pool will significantly extend the life of the salt cell.
  • Prevents chlorine loss, due to sunlight.
  • Stabilizer levels can fall due to draining, backwashing, splash-out and leaks.
  • Ideal for salt water pools and their more frequent applications.


  • If your pool’s stabilizer level falls below 30 ppm.

How Much

  • 390 g of Pristiva Rapid Action Stabilizer per 10,000 L of pool water raises stabilizer level by 30 ppm.


  • Backwash filter prior to adding this product.  
  • Slowly pour product directly into a clean skimmer. 
  • The product dissolves instantly!
About the Brand

Pristiva sets a new standard of excellence in salt water care. Developed after extensive research and rigorous field testing, Pristiva was designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of salt water pools. The result is easy to use products that create unmatched salt water protection, incredible comfort and picture-perfect results.

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