Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleanse


Rapid Action Filter Cleanse is a fast acting filter cleaner, working in less than 1 hour. Traditional filter cleaners require 12 – 24 hours to do their job. The unique formulation allows filter cleaning to be done in a fraction of the time, making this a much easier job to perform regularly. Formulated with Hydrogen Peroxide and powerful cleansers and degreasers, it can be used with sand, cartridge and DE filters. A clean filter media filters better while requiring less frequent backwashing or rinsing. Clearer water and less work. A perfect combination.

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Additional Details

Cleans Filter Media Fast
Size: 800 ML
Product Code: DAZ05005

Quick Steps


  • Effectively cleans all types of filter medias including sand, glass, cartridges, DE elements
  • Disinfects the media with accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
  • Powerful, biodegradable surfactants emulsify, release and removes oils, greases, grime and other contaminants that aren’t effectively removed with normal backwashing or rinsing
  • Dissolves rust, scale deposits and other causes of media ‘hardening’ that reduces filter efficiency
  • Whitens cartridges to like new appearance
  • Completely safe to backwash onto the lawn or garden or dispose to the drain or storm sewer
  • Works fast, works effectively to restore filtration to consistent, high performance level


  • Recommended a minimum of once per year, usually at pool closing so the filter media sits for the winter in a clean state
  • A mid-summer cleaning is also recommended, especially for pools that;
    • Have higher than average bather loads
    • Experience high pollen and/or other heavy organic loading
  • After any problem that has put strain on the filtration system, including;
    • Cloudy water
    • Algae/Biofilm
    • Chlorine Demand
    • Discoloured water from metals and/or staining
    • Scale formations

How Much:

  • Sand filters: use the entire bottle (800 mls) with each cleaning for average sized filter
  • Cartridge & DE: use the entire bottle (800 mls). Mix in a solution of hot water and soak for 1 hour, if possible, for best results. 


  • Always wear rubber gloves when handling filter media
  • For Sand/Glass Media Filters:
    • Pour the product into the pump and secure the lid
    • With the dial valve on ‘Rinse’ or ‘Backwash,’ turn the pump on until the product is pumped into the filter tank ( 3 – 5 seconds)
    • Allow to soak for minimum 15 minutes. 1 hour is ideal.
    • Backwash thoroughly.
  • For Cartridge & DE filters:
    • Remove cartridge(s) and DE elements from filter housing. 
    • Carefully remove as much debris as possible with a spray hose. 
    • Mix Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleanse and hot water (if possible) in a plastic pail, laundry tub or filter cleaning container. 
    • Submerse and soak for 15 minutes to 1 hour. 
    • Rinse well with water.
    • Allow cartridge/elements to dry – this will tighten the fibres and improve performance. 
    • Reassemble and return to use.
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