PureWow Assure

Dazzle Assure uses a 3-tiered strategy to make pool water management simpler, easier and friendlier; 1) a more concentrated natural enzyme digests waste for an even deeper cleansing of pool water and surfaces, 2) stronger ‘all-natural’ phosphate removers for reducing and controlling phosphate contamination for algae control, and 3) powerful clarifiers to add an amazing polish to your water for that ‘Dazzling’ clarity you expect. All of this in a concentrated formula so you use less. Dazzle Assure is all about assuring performance. Improved and recommended as Step 2 of the Dazzle PureWow system of pool care. Simple, Easy, Friendly.

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Your purchase will help to provide safe, clean water to communities in need. Visit Share the Gift of Water to learn more.

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