PureWow Amaze


A non-chlorine, no stabilizer, more ‘earth-friendly’ way to oxidize water of waste. Use weekly to rid pool water of non-filterable wastes and restore water sparkle and comfort. Contains powerful ‘active oxygen’ for optimal performance. Swim in 15 minutes. Ideal for use with bromine.

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Additional Details

Non-chlorine Oxidizing Treatment

Size: 13 Pack Box
Product Code: DAZ02802

Size: 400 GM Bag
Product Code: DAZ02803

Quick Steps


  • Weekly Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools
  • Step 1 of the 3 Step Pure Wow Pool Care System
  • Unique Triple-Action Approach
    • Enhanced Active Oxygen
    • Powerful Clarifiers
    • Performance Driven Water Enhancers
  • Reduces Non-Filterable Wastes
    • Organics 
    • Ammonia, Nitrogen
  • Powerful, Works Extremely Fast – less than 1 hour
    • Leave cover off for only 1 hour
  • Gentle, Healthier Approach
    • Cannot bleach surfaces, fade bathing suits, etc.
    • Swimming can resume 15 minutes after use
  • Will provide a gentle boost to the bromine level (2 – 3 ppm) when used with a bromine-based sanitizer
  • A simply better, more modern approach to shocking pool water


  • Weekly 
  • Immediately after heavy use
  • Any time the water needs it
    • Cloudy
    • Odours
  • Can be used with any sanitizing system
    • Ideal for use with bromine-based systems
    • Can be used with chlorine – will not boost chlorine levels

How Much:

  • Each pouch will treat up to 40,000 litres

If removing combined chlorine – dosage rate is 1 pouch per 40,000 L per 1 ppm of combined chlorine


  • Solar blanket or other cover type should be off or pulled back
  • Filter and pump should be operating and continue to operate for minimum 1 hour after addition
  • Sprinkle around edges of pool or broadcast across surface – apply the majority of the product around the edges of the deep end if applicable
  • Leave cover off for a minimum of 1 hour

Tip:  When used with Dazzle Pure Wow Assure, they provide an effective method for controlling algae and organic waste accumulation in swimming pool water.

Apply Dazzle Pure Wow Assure 15 minutes after Dazzle Pure Wow Amaze treatment for best results as part of Pure Wow Pool Care System.

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