Dazzle Prep Cleanse


Specially formulated for cold water applications, this ‘eco-friendly’ product is ideal for use in spring openings and fall closings. Utilizing our phosphate removal technology to aid in the control of algae and ‘dual-action’ concentrated enzymes for the digestion of organics, this 1-2 punch is the ideal way to manage water at the start and end of the season.

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Additional Details

Cold Water Phosphate Remover and Enzyme Cleaner
Size: 1 L
Product Code: DAZ05050

Quick Steps


  • For use in colder water – <20°C
  • A highly effective, non-toxic method of deep-cleansing pool water and pool surfaces 
  • A unique, dual-action product;
    • All natural blend of concentrated and powerful enzymes for broad spectrum cleansing
      • Engineered specifically for results in colder water
      • Nature’s way of biodegrading organics and common bather wastes:
        • Perspiration, body oils, greases, cosmetics – digested away for squeaky clean water and surfaces
        • Ideal for digesting and controlling biofilm formations
        • End result is water and CO2 – Healthier, More Natural approach
      • Cleans scum-line and other surfaces.
    • All natural phosphate removers (lanthanum) for effective control of the primary energy source for algae growth – phosphate
    • Remove phosphates – starve algae of the ‘fertilizer’ that fuels explosive algae growth
    • A Healthier, More Natural approach to algae prevention – no more chemical-based algicides


  • Immediately after pool opening
    • Once water is topped up 
    • After pump and filter are turned on
  • 24 hours prior to pool closing
    • A final cleansing of the water before the pool is put to bed for the winter
    • Final removal of phosphates for algae-free water over the winter
  • Any time the water is cold and requires a good cleansing and phosphate removal treatment

How Much:

  • Use 1 litre of Prep Cleanse in volumes up to 95,000 litres
  • Double the dosage for heavy organic accumulations
  • Some light bubbling may be evident after addition


  • Operate the pump and filter 
  • Top-up the pool water to cover the scum line or ‘bathtub’ ring
  • Shake the bottle well to mix ingredients
  • Pour required amount directly into the pools skimmer
  •  Apply 15 minutes after addition of a shock treatment like Dazzle Pure Wow Amaze or Amaze Plus as part of an effective pool opening or closing procedure
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