Dazzle Surface Cleanse


An all-purpose, ‘eco-friendly’ surface cleaner for use on vinyl, fibreglass, tile, plastics and pool equipment. Spray on and wipe off. Removes body oils, greases, pollutants, pollen, etc that commonly form to leave a ‘bathtub ring.’ It is compatible with pool water so completely safe to wash into the pool. Also great in a variety of household applications and with the BBQ! Always test in an inconspicuous spot for compatibility.

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Additional Details

Pool and Hot Tub General Surface Cleaner
Size: 750 ML
Product Code: DAZ08075

Quick Steps


  • Effectively cleans pool and patio surfaces of common dirt, grime, etc.
  • Cleans scum line, ladders, slides, diving boards, equipment, patio furniture, etc.
  • Leaves a fresh, clean smell
  • Dual-action formula;
    • Accelerated hydrogen peroxide for deep cleaning
    • All-natural surfactants, emulsifiers lift and digest deposits away 
  • Non-abrasive, phosphate free formula
  • No harsh chemicals


  • As required to keep surfaces and surrounds fresh and clean

How Much:

  • Use as needed for routine cleaning
  • Convenient spray trigger makes application easy – just spray on and wipe off


  • As with any cleaner, always test product in an inconspicuous area before use. 
    • Wear rubber gloves
  • Use when water level is at its lowest, fully exposing the scum line 
  • Apply Dazzle™ Pool & Hot Tub Surface Cleanse at full strength – do not dilute 
  • Allow product to sit on the surface for a couple of minutes to loosen deposits, then wipe with a sponge and rinse clean


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