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Utilizing borate technology, this product optimizes your pool ownership experience. When applied and maintained at the correct level, it has a number of benefits, including; 1) making water feel silky smooth, 2) buffering pH for less bounce and 3) making overall water balance easier to attain. It also; 4) enhances general chemical efficiency and performance to reduce the quantity of certain chemicals needed while eliminating other products altogether (algicides, clarifiers). This makes pool water management easier and less costly while improving overall results.

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Additional Details

Borate-based Water Enhancer
Size: 8 KG
Product Code: DAZ05001

Quick Steps


  • Takes your swimming pool experience to the next level
  • Makes water silky smooth for a gentler, more comfortable feel for swimmers
  • Helps buffer pH and total alkalinity, making water easier to balance and maintain
  • Aids in the solubility of other minerals, like calcium, making water clearer and more sparkling
  • Borates are a natural algistat, adding significantly to your algae prevention efforts 
  • Improves the efficiency of other products used, including sanitizers
    • Reduces chlorine and bromine consumption by as much as 50% or more
  • Can be used with all sanitizing systems including chlorine and bromine


  • Apply initially at any time to optimum level
  • Top-up once or twice per season based on water lost due to backwashing, draining and splash-out
  • Testing is available to determine the concentration in the water and when top-up is required

How Much:

  • Initial Dosage: Add 2 kg per 10,000 litres of pool water
  • Yearly Top-Up estimate: Add 1 kg per 10,000 litres


  • Clean the filter prior to application
  • With the pump and filter operating;
    • Apply required amount by slowly pouring into the clean, empty skimmer
  • Product dissolves very quickly but avoid backwashing or cleaning the filter for 6 – 8 hours

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