Dazzle Performance Plus


Utilizing borate technology, this product optimizes your hot tub ownership experience. Apply an initial dosage after a fresh fill and then top-up weekly, Performance Plus has a number of benefits, including; 1) making water feel silky smooth, 2) buffering pH for less bounce and 3) making overall water balance easier to attain. It also; 4) enhances general chemical efficiency and performance to reduce the quantity of certain chemicals needed while eliminating other products altogether. This makes hot tub water management easier and less costly while improving overall results. Performance Plus is lightly scented with an appealing aroma.

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Additional Details

Borate-based Water Enhancer

Size: 625 GM
Product Code: DAZ08010

Size: 2.5 KG
Product Code: DAZ08012

Quick Steps


Takes your hot tub experience to the next level.

Makes water silky smooth for a gentler, more comfortable feel.

Helps buffer pH and total alkalinity making water easier to balance and maintain.

Improves the efficiency of other products used, including sanitizers.


  • Initially upon filling.
  • Weekly thereafter.

How Much:

  • Initial Dosage: 200 g per 1,000 L of hot tub water.
  • Weekly Dosage: 40 g per 1,000 L of hot tub water.


Remove cover.

Operate the pump with air off.

Apply directly to the water in front of the skimmer or the suction plate.

Run the pump for 15 minutes to distribute.

About the Brand

Your hot tub should be a healthy place to relax and enjoy good company. Whether you are looking for products to maintain your hot tub or to solve a water care problem, the Dazzle Hot Tub Care line has what you need.

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