Mineraluxe Oxygen Zero


Mineraluxe Oxygen Zero is a powerful multi-functional oxidizer designed specifically for the Mineraluxe system. Recommended to be used every 2nd week, it will cleanse and detoxify water, ensuring long-lasting clarity and comfort to the water. Its unique ‘active oxygen’ oxidizing formulation removes organic waste and other contaminants that cannot be removed by the filter, restoring water’s brilliant sparkle with its special blend of clarifiers and water enhancers. Better yet, there’s no downtime. You can swim just 15 minutes after addition. Each 400g pouch treats 40,000 litres of pool water for 2 weeks.

Your purchase will help to provide safe, clean water to communities in need. Visit Share the Gift of Water to learn more.

Additional Details

Non-Chlorine Oxidizing Treatment for Mineraluxe System

Size: 350 G Bag
Product Code: DML00614

Size: 20 Pack
Product Code:

Quick Steps


  • Non-chlorine shock treatment option for swimming pools on the Mineraluxe for Pool system
  • Routine shocking is a key step in any preventative maintenance system
  • Unique Multi-Action Approach
    • Enhanced Active Oxygen
    • Powerful Clarifiers & Polishers
    • No chlorine or stabilizer added
  • Reduces Non-Filterable Wastes
    • Organics 
    • Ammonia, Nitrogen
  • Works Fast – less than 1 hour
    • Breakpoint chlorination typically takes minimum 8 hrs
    • Strong but gentle – swim in 15 minutes
  • Gentle, Healthier Approach
    • Won’t raise the chlorine level
    • Will raise the bromine level (if bromine pool)
  • Synergistic with Mineraluxe Advance Sticks


  • Every 2nd week as part of Mineraluxe for Pool system 
  • Ideal for use with:
    • Dazzle Bromine Super Tablets
      • Will boost bromine level
    • Any system wanting a non-chlorine, unstabilized shock treatment

Ideal for use with Dazzle Bromine Super Tablets in complete non-chlorine system

Ideal for use with Dazzle Chlor Capsules in stabilizer reducing system

How Much:

  • 1 pouch per 40,000 litres every 2nd week
  • If controlling combined chlorine – dosage rate is 1 pouch per 40,000 L per 1 ppm of combined chlorine. Note: Total Chlorine (DPD#3) – Free Chlorine (DPD#1) = Combined Chlorine (in ppm)


  • Remove solar blanket or any cover.
  • Cut open corner of pouch with scissors.
  • Broadcast across surface.
  • Operate pump for minimum 1 hour after application.
  • Leave cover off for minimum 1 hour.

Mineraluxe Oxygen Zero can be applied immediately after the application of Mineraluxe Advanced Sticks for maximum convenience.

Oxygen Zero can also be applied any time a shock oxidizer is needed.

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About the Brand

Your pool is meant to be a special sanctuary for you and your family. The Mineraluxe Pool Care System allows you to focus on making memories and enjoying the summer with family and friends. Nothing could be easier to use and it delivers incredible water clarity and comfort. The system maximizes swimmable days by avoiding potential problems and really takes the stress
and added cost out of pool ownership. And best of all, for a typical pool owner, the Mineraluxe Pool Care System costs less than your daily cup of coffee!

It’s the way pool care was meant to be. Healthier. Luxurious. Simpler.

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