Mineraluxe Oxygen


Mineraluxe Oxygen is a shock / oxidizer developed specifically for the Mineraluxe system. It provides a weekly deep cleanse oxidation treatment. For maximum convenience, it is added at the same time as the Mineraluxe Cube. Conveniently packaged in pre-measured 40g sachets for ease and convenience.

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Additional Details

Weekly Oxidizing Treatment for Mineraluxe System

Size: 4×40 GM
Product Code: DML09520

Size: 12×40 GM
Product Code: DML09522

Quick Steps


  • Powerful oxidizing/clarifying treatment for hot tubs on the Mineraluxe System
  • Regular oxidation is a key step in any preventative maintenance system
  • Unique Multi-Action Approach
    • Enhanced “Active Oxygen”
    • Sanitizer boost
    • Powerful Clarifiers & Polishers
  • Reduces Non-Filterable Wastes
    • Organics 
    • Ammonia, Nitrogen
  • Works Fast – less than 1 hour
    • Strong but gentle – soak in 15 minutes
  • Gentle, Healthier Approach
    • Doesn’t raise sanitizer levels severely
    • Will provide a gentle boost to the sanitizer level (approx. 2 ppm)
  • Synergistic with Mineraluxe CUBE

Powerful, fast, gentle, healthier


  • Use every week as part of Mineraluxe System, or
  • Immediately after heavy use 
  • Apply whenever Mineraluxe CUBE is added
  • Ideal for use with all sanitizing methods as part of the Mineraluxe System
  • Will provide a gentle boost to the bromine or chlorine level after application
  • Pre-measured sachet makes application super easy and convenient

How Much:

  • 1 sachet treats up to 1,500 Litres
  • Each sachet weighs 40 grams
  • Use weekly


  • Remove cover
  • Using scissors – cut corner of pouch to open
  • Sprinkle across water surface
  • Operate pump for at least 1 hour after application
  • Leave cover off for at least 1 hour

Mineraluxe Oxygen can be applied immediately after the application of Mineraluxe CUBES for maximum convenience.

Oxygen can also be applied any time a shock/oxidation treatment is needed.

About the Brand

Your hot tub is meant to be a special indulgence for you and your family. The Mineraluxe Hot Tub Care System allows you to pamper yourself and maximize your ‘tubbing’ experience. Nothing could be easier to use and it delivers incredible water clarity and comfort. The absence of problems and costly fixes really takes the stress and added cost out of ownership and maximizes the experience. And best of all, for a typical hot tub owner, the Mineraluxe Hot Tub Care System costs less than your daily cup of coffee!

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