Dazzle Nature Sheen


Nature Sheen is a highly concentrated, all-natural formulation that quickly and effectively clears pool water. You use very litte to achieve a lot, unlike other general clarifiers that require large dosages to be effective. Over time, water naturally loses its sparkle as it accumulates waste particulate that is too small to filter out. Nature Sheen works through agglomeration, pulling tiny particulate into masses large enough to be filtered out. Most effective when applied each week, on a maintenance basis. Nature Sheen doubles the effectiveness of sand filters.

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Additional Details

Concentrated Liquid Clarifier
Size: 1 L
Product Code: DAZ05023

Quick Steps


  • Quickly clears cloudy pool water, making water dazzling clear!
  • Ideal for use as a weekly water polisher – keep water sparkling and inviting
  • Ionically charged agglomerating agent – pulls microscopic particulate into masses large enough to be trapped by the filter
  • Do the flashlight test – shine a flashlight into your pool water at night
    • How much particulate do you see floating around
    • That can be removed, making water dazzling clear
  • Designed to agglomerate common particulate found in pool water
  • All-natural formula – totally biodegradable – environmentally friendly
  • For use with all types of filters – works in conjunction with the filter
  • Doesn’t affect water balance
  • Reduces overall maintenance cost and improves results
  • Creates more inviting water


  • As needed to clear cloudy water
  • As part of a preventative maintenance program:
    • Use initially to start
    • Then use weekly to keep water dazzling clear

How Much:

  • For cloudy water: Use 20 mls per 10,000 litres
  • Initial Dosage: Use 20 mls per 10,000 litres
  • Weekly Maintenance Dosage: Use 10 mls per 10,000 litres of pool water
  • Dazzle Nature Sheen is a powerful, highly concentrated clarifier ─ do not add more than the recommended dosage


  • Apply Dazzle Nature Sheen directly to the pool water by pouring around the edges 
  • Operate the pump and filter continuously until the water clears 
  • Repeat treatment if water is still cloudy after 24 hours
  • Watch filter pressure and backwash/clean filter as needed
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