Mineraluxe Filter Revive


Filter Revive is a fast acting filter cleaner, working in less than 1 hour. Traditional filter cleaners require harsher formulations and significantly more soak time to do their job. The unique formulation allows filter cleaning to be done in a fraction of the time, making this a much easier job to perform regularly. Formulated with Hydrogen Peroxide and powerful cleansers and degreasers, for a cleaner, whiter finish. A cleaner cartridge filters better while requiring less frequent rinsing. Clearer water and less work. A perfect combination.

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Additional Details

Filter Cartridge Cleaner
Size: 600 ML
Product Code: DML09536

Quick Steps


  • Effectively cleans filter cartridges
    • Disinfects (accelerated H2O2)
    • Cleans (oils, biofilm, scale, rust)
    • Whitens
  • Literally digests dirt, oils, etc.
  • Powerful, biodegradable surfactants lift debris from surface of cartridge
  • Environmentally-friendly formula
    • Left with water, sediment, CO2
    • Safe to dispose down drain

The Mineraluxe System, with its powerful ‘Cleanse’ properties, filters more waste from water than traditional systems. This results in dramatically cleaner and clearer water with less sanitizer demand. Surfaces also remain cleaner due to the ‘Repel’ feature of the system. The combination of these two features, Cleanse and Repel, means the filter does more work. Mineraluxe Filter Revive, when used regularly, ensures the filter is ready to play its part.


  • Recommended monthly for routine maintenance, or
  • After any problem experienced:
    • Cloudy
    • Foaming
    • Odours
    • Biofilm

A clean cartridge improves results and lowers costs without harming the environment.

How Much:

  • Light Use – 200 ml for 6 hours
  • Moderate – 300 ml for 6 hours
  • Heavy Use – 400 ml for 12 hours


  • Wear rubber gloves 
  • Rinse cartridge with water to remove physical debris
  • Mix solution of Filter Revive and hot water in plastic pail, laundry tub or filter cleaning container
  • Submerse and soak for recommended time
  • Rinse with water
  • Allowing cartridge to dry tightens fibres, improving performance
About the Brand

Your hot tub is meant to be a special indulgence for you and your family. The Mineraluxe Hot Tub Care System allows you to pamper yourself and maximize your ‘tubbing’ experience. Nothing could be easier to use and it delivers incredible water clarity and comfort. The absence of problems and costly fixes really takes the stress and added cost out of ownership and maximizes the experience. And best of all, for a typical hot tub owner, the Mineraluxe Hot Tub Care System costs less than your daily cup of coffee!

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