Dazzle Filter Enhance


Filter Enhance is a cellulose powder designed to significantly enhance filtration. It is applied by mixing with water and poured into the skimmer. It catches in the filter, coating the existing media allowing the removal of much finer particulate. It also acts as an absorbent, removing oils, greases and other forms of waste. The perfect product to use when removing dead algae, pollen, pollutants, oils and chelated metals. A very effective water polisher and clarifier.

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Additional Details

Improves Filtration – Filter Aid
Size: 600 GM
Product Code: DAZ05019

Quick Steps


  • For enhancing the filtration capability of any filter type
  • A natural cellulose product – it filters to 2 micron
    • Fills the pores allowing a much finer filtration of particulate
    • Also works as an absorbent on oils, greases, pollutants and metals
  • Use as needed to maintain dazzling clear water – as a regular maintenance product
    • Constantly polishing pool water for added sparkle
    • Removes dead skin, dust, dirt, etc.
  • Use as needed to help solve a water clarity issue – a problem solver
    • Dead algae, pollen, other natural forms of particulate
    • Removes dissolved metals when chelated with Dazzle Stain & Scale Cleanse
  • Contains no DE or alum


  • Apply after each backwashing or cleaning of the filter
  • As needed to assist the filter in overcoming a clarity problem
  • Easier to use than traditional pool water flocculants
  • Can be used with Dazzle Nature Sheen to speed clarification when results are needed fast

How Much:

  • Use as directed on the label
  • For sand filters: Use 1½ cups in a typical 24” filter (8 oz cup)
  • For cartridge filters: Use 3 cups per 100 sq. ft. of filter area
  • For DE filters: Mix 1 part Filter Enhance with 2 parts DE for best results 


  • Always apply to a clean filter
  • Apply by mixing the desired amount into a slurry with water and slowly pouring into the skimmer
  • Apply 1 cup at a time, observing the filter pressure as you go
    • Once a 1 – 2 psi pressure increase has been reached on the gauge, stop further product additions – you’ve added the proper amount
  • Filter continuously until the desired result is achieved
  • Watch the filter pressure and clean the filter when maximum pressure is reached
  • Reapply Filter Enhance after cleaning if desired result has not been achieved yet
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