Dazzle Drain Prep


Drain Prep is designed to effectively clean hot tub plumbing by eliminating the build-up of organic waste contamination! These contaminants collect, grow (biofilms) and otherwise build-up in the circulation system and filter housing. Use prior to every complete draining of the tub. By purging the hot tub of this organic build-up, the symptoms of contamination will be reduced or eliminated.

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Additional Details

Use prior to draining to clean plumbing
Size: 700 ML
Product Code: DAZ08052

Quick Steps


  • Cleans where you can’t! (Hot tub plumbing and other hidden surfaces).
  • Releases and digests.
  • All natural blend of:
    • Powerful surfactants – ‘release’
    • concentrated enzymes – ‘digest’
  • Nature’s way of biodegrading organics: 
    • Body oils, greases, cosmetics
    • Biofilm
    • Organic accumulations
  • End result is water and CO2:
    • Safe to pump away to drain or lawn
  • Also cleans scum-line and other hot tub surfaces.


  • Prior to draining.
  • Time allows product to release and digest more thoroughly:
    • Day before draining in routine procedure
    • 2 days before draining when;
      • Cleaning up biofilm
      • Used for 1st time
      • After other problems
        • Heavy foaming
        • Bad odours
        • Visible organic accumulations

How Much:

  • Use 750 ml (one full bottle) per application.
  • Note: Water may not look good after application. This is the releasing effect.


  • Maintain heated temperature.
  • Remove filter cartridge(s).
  • Apply product directly to water.
  • Operate pump at least 5 minutes with:
    • Diverter valves neutral
    • All jets operational (air off)
    • Waterfalls and other features operating
  • Foaming will occur – turn pump on and off to control.
About the Brand

Your hot tub should be a healthy place to relax and enjoy good company. Whether you are looking for products to maintain your hot tub or to solve a water care problem, the Dazzle Hot Tub Care line has what you need.

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