Dazzle Defoamer


Defoamer is an extremely fast-acting product that suppresses foam. As organics and soap residues accumulate in hot tub water, high speed jets and agitation can cause foam to form. Defoamer is a silicone-based agent that suppresses foam immediately upon contact. Use sparingly. Be careful not to overdose.

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Additional Details

Stops Foaming Fast
Size: 750 ML
Product Code: DAZ08060

Quick Steps


  • Quickly rids hot tub of unsightly foam.
  • Works immediately.
  • Highly concentrated.


  • As required. 
  • Note: foaming is an indicator of issues (organic accumulation, high pH, accumulation of soaps or detergents). 
  • Use sparingly—don’t overdose. A film may appear if too much is added.

How Much:

  • Approx. ½ capful per 1,000  litres.


  • Apply directly to hot tub water when foam is experienced.
About the Brand

Your hot tub should be a healthy place to relax and enjoy good company. Whether you are looking for products to maintain your hot tub or to solve a water care problem, the Dazzle Hot Tub Care line has what you need.

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