Mineraluxe Cubes


The Mineraluxe Cube is the star of the Mineraluxe system. It’s an advanced weekly mineral treatment, featuring a blend of natural minerals fused with advanced cleanse and repel technology. It will leave your hot tub squeaky clean and will dramatically reduce the scaling of heaters, jets, surfaces and equipment. It also dramatically improves the softness of the water, making it more comfortable and less irritating. When Mineraluxe Cubes are used weekly, other common treatment products are no longer needed (stain & scale controls, clarifiers, enzyme cleaners and other water enhancers) saving you time and money.

Your purchase will help to provide safe, clean water to communities in need. Visit Share the Gift of Water to learn more.

Additional Details

Advanced Weekly Mineral Treatment

Size: 5 PK
Product Code: DML09510

Size: 13 PK
Product Code: DML09511

Quick Steps


  • Advanced weekly mineral treatment. Takes your hot tub to the next level.
  • Optimizes and enhances any system: 
    • Can be used with chlorine, bromine, UV, ozone, sterilizers, etc.
    • Can be used with salt hot tubs
  • Easy to apply, simple to use.
  • Performance guaranteed.
  • Replaces clarifiers, stain & scale controls, water enhancers (borates), enzymes, pipe cleaners, etc.
  • Significantly reduces sanitizer and water balancing product quantities used. 
  • Cleanse – squeaky clean water and surfaces by fusing to and removing organic waste
  • Repel – prevents biofilm, scale and other deposits from adhering to surfaces – reduced risk of frustrating problems 
  • Provides dazzling, crystal clear water
  • Infused with skin conditioners for maximum comfort and enjoyment
  • Eliminates odours
  • Makes it easier to maintain proper balance
  • Less movement of key parameters (ie. pH) from fewer products and quantities
  • Less CYA buildup with chlorine systems


  • Add weekly

How Much:

  • CUBE application (for volumes up to 2,000 L):
    • To start (fresh fill): 2 CUBES
    • Weekly thereafter: 1 CUBE
  • Apply Mineraluxe Oxygen immediately following CUBE addition
  • Always properly balance water


  • Remove wrap. With the high speed pump running, place CUBE in clean, empty skimmer basket or anywhere there is flow.
  • Will dissolve in approx. 20 – 30 minutes
  • Test sanitizer level as often as needed to maintain recommended levels
    • Quantity of sanitizer needed will reduce dramatically on Mineraluxe system

Mineraluxe CUBES work synergistically with Mineraluxe Oxygen for the best in hot tub care.

About the Brand

Your hot tub is meant to be a special indulgence for you and your family. The Mineraluxe Hot Tub Care System allows you to pamper yourself and maximize your ‘tubbing’ experience. Nothing could be easier to use and it delivers incredible water clarity and comfort. The absence of problems and costly fixes really takes the stress and added cost out of ownership and maximizes the experience. And best of all, for a typical hot tub owner, the Mineraluxe Hot Tub Care System costs less than your daily cup of coffee!

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