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A powerful, ‘eco-friendly’ pool water problem-solver. Ideal for fast clean up of dead algae, pollen, pollutants, the effects of vandalism and other forms of organic contamination (oil, gasoline, insecticides, etc). Clear Rebound contains a powerful natural enzyme/botanical blend with an organic polymer clarifier. The product pulls waste into large clumps where the digesting power of the enzymes goes to work. Clarifying the water without requiring the filter to play a part is a significant advantage of this product. It will also clean the filter as it cleans the water of organic contamination.

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Additional Details

Concentrated Enzyme Clarifier
Size: 2 L
Product Code: DAZ05032

Quick Steps


  • Quickly clears and cleans problem pool water, restoring dazzling clarity!
  • Clear Rebound is a blend of;
    • powerful natural enzymes that digest organic waste
    • polymer clarifiers that pull waste into larger masses
  • Very easy to use – just pour it in
  • Does not use the filter to clear and clean the water
    • No wasted water
    • No waste water discharge issues
    • No water balance issues
  • All-natural formula – totally biodegradable – environmentally friendly
  • For use in any type of pool and sanitizing system
  • Doesn’t affect water balance
  • Solves complex problems effectively
    • Digests gasoline, motor oil, organic insecticides/pesticides
    • Other pollutants, chemical contaminants, effects of vandalism
    • Especially effective on pollen, dead algae, tannins and animal waste
    • Removes heavy odours from the water as well


  • As required to clear cloudy water or clean the pool below the water line
  • Cannot overdose with Clear Rebound – use as needed
  • Allow each dosage 24 – 48 hours for results to be seen
  • Multiple applications can be required for complex issues

How Much:

  • Use 160 mls per 10,000 litres
    • 1 capful treats 7,500 litres
    • You cannot overdose or apply too frequently
  • Some heavy bubbling can be observed after application as product works


  • Operate the pump and filter continuously until the water clears 
  • Apply Clear Rebound directly to the pool water by pouring around edges
  • Repeat treatment if desired results are not seen after 48 hours
    • Allow more time in cooler water for results to be achieved
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