Dazzle Clarifying Tabs


For Sand Filters Only. Clarifying Tabs are specially formulated tablets that dissolve in the skimmer, releasing a clarifying agent that traps in the sand bed of a sand filter, dramatically improving their ability to catch particulate and waste that makes water dull and cloudy. Very easy to use, just drop in the skimmer basket. Ideal for use as a general filter aid that is added after every backwash or as a special problem-solver when water goes cloudy after an algae treatment, excessive pollen build-up or other like problem.

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Additional Details

Sand Filters Only – Improves Filtration
Size: 6×60 GM
Product Code: DAZ05025

Quick Steps


  • For sand filters only
  • Use as needed to maintain dazzling clear water – as a regular maintenance product
    • Constantly polishing pool water for added sparkle
  • Use as needed to help solve a water clarity issue – a problem solver
    • Sand filters need help when cloudy water issues are presented
    • Forms a gel-like substance in the sand, closing the pores, reducing the size of the particulate that is able to work its way through
    • The result is water that has been filtered to a much finer degree


  • Apply after each backwashing for ongoing aid – all season long
  • As needed to assist the filter in overcoming a clarity problem
    • Dead algae, pollen, organic loading, silt, dirt, etc.
  • Easier to use than traditional pool water flocculants
  • Can be used with Dazzle Nature Sheen to speed clarification when results are needed fast

How Much:

  • For regular maintenance – apply after every backwash
    • Use 1 tablet per application for smaller sand filters (<24”)
    • 2 tablets for larger sand filters (24“ and larger)
    • Check filter pressure periodically and backwash as needed
    • When water is cloudy, pressure can build quickly when Clarifying Tablets are in use


  • With the pump operating and the filter dial valve in the ‘filter’ position
  • Simply apply the recommended number of Clarifying Tablets directly into the pools skimmer
  • Remove the tablets from the packaging by pushing through the back
    • The cardboard backing is perforated, allowing the tablets to push through
    • Hands do not need to touch the product 
  • Tablets dissolve within 20 – 30 minutes based on flow and water temperature
  • Once dissolved into the filter, they start working immediately to remove particulate
  • Remember to replace the Clarifying Tablets after each backwashing
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