Dazzle Calcium Plus


Calcium Plus is a highly refined, calcium-rich mineral designed to raise hardness levels in pool water. A clean, white prill, this product is used when calcium levels are low to raise them up. This prevents premature deterioration of pool surfaces including plaster and vinyl and unnecessary corrosion of equipment and metal surfaces. Calcium Hardness also plays an important role in ensuring the overall mineral balance is correct, enhancing comfort, chemical efficiency and cost of maintenance.

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Additional Details

Raises Calcium Hardness Level

Size: 4 KG
Product Code: DAZ04030

Size: 7 KG
Product Code: DAZ04036

Quick Steps


  • Raises calcium hardness in swimming pool water when low
  • Low calcium hardness can cause the following issues:
    • Etching of plaster, grout 
    • Increased corrosion of surfaces leading to surface damage and staining
  • Highest quality product available 
  • Clean, granular ‘prill’ form for quick dissolving with no residues and lowest impurity level


  • See your Dazzle™ Retailer for a personalized water analysis. When the calcium hardness of your pool water is low, use Dazzle Calcium Plus to raise it. The recommended calcium hardness  level is based on your pools surface type:
    • Plaster, marblesheen, fully-tiled:  200 – 275 ppm
    • Vinyl, paint, fiberglass, acrylic:   175 – 225 ppm

How Much:

  • 100 grams per 10,000 litres will increase calcium hardness by 10 ppm.


  • Always balance the total alkalinity and pH before adjusting calcium hardness
  • Always add Dazzle Calcium Plus with the pump and filter operating
  • Sprinkle or broadcast evenly across the surface of the water
    • Do not pre-mix this product in a pail of water
    • Do not try to predissolve before application – always add directly to pool water
  • Take the total dosage required and split into 3 equal applications – add 3 hours apart
    • This allows each addition to dissolve fully into the water 
  • Circulate for minimum of 2 hours after the last application
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