Balance TH+


Dazzle Balance TH+ is a highly refined, calcium-rich mineral designed to raise hardness levels in hot tub water. A clean, white prill, Dazzle TH+ is used when calcium levels are low to raise them up. This prevents premature deterioration of tub surfaces including synthetics and vinyl and unnecessary corrosion of equipment and metal surfaces. Calcium Hardness also plays an important role in ensuring the overall mineral balance is correct, enhancing comfort, chemical efficiency and cost of maintenance.

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Additional Details

Raises Calcium Hardness Level
Size: 550 GM
Product Code: DAZ08039

Quick Steps


  • Raises calcium hardness in hot tub water.
  • Low calcium hardness causes:
    • Etching of plaster, grout
    • Increased corrosion of surfaces—staining


  • Apply Dazzle Balance TH+ as needed to maintain calcium hardness level of 100-200 ppm.
  • Test when hot tub is freshly filled and monthly thereafter

How Much:

  • 10 g per 1,000 L will increase calcium hardness by 10 ppm.


  • Always balance total alkalinity and pH before adjusting calcium hardness.
  • Operate the pump with air off.
  • Divide the total amount of Balance TH+ into 3 equal applications.
  • Sprinkle each application directly into hot tub water. Note: Do not pre-dissolve, heat may be generated. 
  • Wait 6 hours before the next application.
  • Circulate for 1-2 hours.
About the Brand

Your hot tub should be a healthy place to relax and enjoy good company. Whether you are looking for products to maintain your hot tub or to solve a water care problem, the Dazzle Hot Tub Care line has what you need.

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