Dazzle Algae Clear 60


A highly concentrated, non-foaming, algae destroyer. Ideal for killing all types of algae commonly found in swimming pool water. This dependable product also aids in the settling of dead algae to the pool floor for easy vacuuming. Algae Clear 60 can also be used as a weekly preventative in situations where water features necessitate a non-foaming algicide be used.

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Additional Details

Algae Destroyer

Size: 500 ML
Product Code: DAZ03010

Size: 1 ML
Product Code: DAZ03011

Quick Steps


  • A concentrated (60%), highly effective algae destroyer.
    • Kills a broad spectrum of algal, cyanobacteria and other harmful microorganisms.
    • It has a wide pH tolerance for effective results.
    • Strong polymeric properties also promote clarification and agglomeration for easier clean-up of dead algae.
  • Can also be used as a non-foaming preventative when water features or aeration prevent the use of Dazzle Algae Resist 50. 
  • Algae Clear 60 can also be used in a hot tub to treat a biofilm issue. 


  • Any time algae (or other microorganisms) have been identified in pool water.
  • As a preventative, apply initially at the start of each pool season
    • Then weekly thereafter
  • An extra or preventative dose can be applied following inclement weather – heavy rain, thunderstorms
  • Can be used at pool closing for protection against algae over the winter months

How Much:

  • For algae destruction – use 100 mls per 10,000 litres
    • For heavier infestations, use 200 mls per 10,000 litres
    • Always apply 1 hour after a shock treatment for best results in destroying algae
  • As a weekly preventative  – use 25 mls per 10,000 litres


  • For best results, always apply Algae Clear 60 1 hour after a shock treatment
  • Add by pouring the required amount around the edges of the pool
  • Brushing the pool surfaces should have been done immediately after the shock treatment. If this wasn’t done or the product is being added without a shock treatment being employed (not recommended), brush following application to liberate stubborn algae from the surface.
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