Mineraluxe Advance Sticks


Mineraluxe Advance Sticks are the stars of the Mineraluxe for Pool system! An advanced weekly mineral treatment, featuring a blend of natural minerals fused with our cleanse and repel technology. Imagine pool water that is crystal clear, squeaky clean and with a silky softness that you thought was only available in your hot tub. And that’s not to mention the biofilm-fighting benefits of our Mineraluxe fusion technology, that substantially lowers the demand for chlorine (or bromine), bringing a whole new level of affordability to the system. Biofilm, as we know, is a hidden torment for pool owners; allowing organisms a place of safe refuge until regular pool maintenance breaks down. Not Any More! When Advance Sticks are used weekly, other common treatment products are no longer needed (stain & scale controls, clarifiers, algicides, water enhancers, etc.) Simpler. Healthier. More Luxurious.

Your purchase will help to provide safe, clean water to communities in need. Visit Share the Gift of Water to learn more.

Additional Details

Advanced Mineral Treatment for Pools

Size: 12 PK
Product Code: DML09515

Size: 24 PK
Product Code: DML09516

Quick Steps




  • For the very best in pool care. Next generation technology based on Fusion Science.
  • Elevates and enhances any system: 
    • Can be used with chlorine, bromine, UV, ozone, sterilizers, etc.
    • Can be used with salt pools
      • Note: Advance Sticks are not needed if you are using the Pristiva Salt Care System.
  • Mineraluxe Advance Sticks will; 
    • Replace algicides, clarifiers, stain & scale controls, water enhancers (borates), surface cleaners
    • Deliver squeaky clean water and surfaces by fusing to and removing organic waste
    • Prevent biofilm, scale and other deposits from adhering to surfaces – greatly reduced risk of frustrating problems (ie. algae, stains, etc)
    • Dazzling, crystal clear water
    • Maximizes comfort and enjoyment
    • No odours
    • Significantly reduced chlorine demand (less chlorine needed)
    • Easier to maintain proper water balance
    • Less movement of key parameters (ie. pH) from fewer products and quantities
    • Less CYA buildup
  • Easy to apply, simple to use.


  • Mineraluxe system: add every 2nd week
  • Stand-alone enhancement: add weekly

How Much:

  • Mineraluxe System:
    • 1 Stick per 40,000 L every 2nd week
  • Stand-alone enhancement:
    • Initially – 1 Stick per 20,000 L
    • Weekly – 1 Stick per 40,000 L
  • Always properly balance water
  • Phosphate removal is recommended


  • Remove wrap, place Advance Sticks in clean, empty skimmer basket
  • Will dissolve in approx. 20 – 30 minutes
  • Test chlorine level daily after application
    • Reduce sanitizer application as sanitizer demand is reduced
    • Test to determine new sanitizer application rate

Mineraluxe Advance Sticks work synergistically with Mineraluxe Oxygen for the best in pool care.

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About the Brand

Your pool is meant to be a special sanctuary for you and your family. The Mineraluxe Pool Care System allows you to focus on making memories and enjoying the summer with family and friends. Nothing could be easier to use and it delivers incredible water clarity and comfort. The system maximizes swimmable days by avoiding potential problems and really takes the stress and added cost out of pool ownership. And best of all, for a typical pool owner, the Mineraluxe Pool Care System costs less than your daily cup of coffee! It’s the way pool care was meant to be. Healthier. Luxurious. Simpler.

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