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Our dealers are the “secret ingredient” built into all of our products.

We would not be where we are as a premier recreational water care technology business without one of the most professional dealer networks in North America. All of our dealerships are family-owned, local businesses.

Each dealership has exceptionally well-trained staff, all passionate about helping families in their communities design and enjoy amazing “outdoor family rooms” centred around the calming and rejuvenating powers of recreational water.

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    Dazzle dealers help at every step of the process: Design, Installation, Support.

    From the moment you decide to enhance your family’s life with a hot tub, swim spa, or swimming pool, our dealers are committed to helping you make that journey an exceptional one.

    Are you just getting started? Our dealers pride themselves on providing guidance, expert advice, and thoroughly researched options designed to meet and exceed your expectations. While fitting your budget too.

    Sharing easy ways to minimize the time and complexity of maintaining your new hot tub, swim spa, or swimming pool is one of the many things our dealers excel at.

    Once you choose a dealer, they will guide you in selecting the best water care technology for your needs and enjoyment. Then, best-in-class water testing and computerized analysis will ensure that your investment is protected and problems are avoided.

    Expert advice is one of the most significant values they provide, combined with an ability to communicate “Hi-Tech with Hi-Touch”.

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