Share the Gift of Water - Costa Rica Project

Share the Gift of Water 2020 Costa Rica

POSTED Dec 8, 2020

Share the Gift of Water 2020/21 – San Isidro de Pocosol, Costa Rica

Project Scope: Community Engagement, locate and drill well, tower and tank, chlorination, provide trenching and piping of approximately 6 kilometers, install residential water meters to provide funding for ongoing funding.

Backyard Brands and their Dealer network are collaborating again with Rotary International to bring safe, sufficient water to a village of approximately 700 villagers on the Nicaraguan / Costa Rican border. The village San Isidro de Pocosol currently has no safe access to water and primarily villagers are using shallow dug wells in an area that has high surface contamination from industrial farming and pesticides (i.e. pineapple farms). 

Project evaluation and onsite community engagements began in 2019. Dennis Gray, President of Backyard Brands, was part of the advance project evaluation Team. The project budget is about $80,000 with strong support from Rotary Clubs and matching grants from Rotary Districts and Rotary International.

Costa Rica Share the Gift of Water

This is a well we worked on near where the new one will be installed.


Costa Rica - Advance Team

George Gull, showing the Advance Team where we were located near the Nicaraguan border and where the project site would be.